and Toyota team up to create “Toyota Friend”

“Toyota Friend” will be a private social network between the customer, Toyota, and their vehicle. They can even choose to expand their network to their friends and family on Twitter and Facebook. The service will be available at first for the electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids of 2012. The platform will be’s Salesforce Chatter, which is already used by businesses. It will give special maintenance tips, as well as “tweet”-like alerts to your mobile device including tablet PCs and smart phones, to let you know when the battery is low on your 2012 Prius.’s CEO Marc Benioff stated, “Toyota and share a vision to take the auto industry into the future. Social and mobile technologies will transform the car ownership experience, and we are excited to be Toyota’s partner in this transformation.”

Revolutionary vehicles demand revolutionary forms of communication, and that is what “Toyota Friend” will do. “Toyota Friend” will begin in Japan, and then move on to America. Visit for more details.

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Car Types Explained

When buying a car, sometimes buying the right make and model can be confusing. Do you want a sedan, or compact vehicle, or even an SUV? What is the purpose for each type of vehicle, and why do I want it? Different types of vehicles can have different purposes, such as terrain or how a person drives. Knowing the kind of car you want and need can significantly narrow the search options when finding your next vehicle.

Sedans, minivans and trucks are some of the more common vehicles that people may buy for general use. Sedans range from medium-sized, large, and luxury. People with families tend to buy these vehicles, because of the cargo space and interior space it gives, but watch out for poor fuel economy and it may be difficult to park the large sedans. Minivans can generally drive as well as cars, and they offer tons of space for more people than a sedan, and can still offer cargo space, especially if seats can be removed or lowered. They can even have decent fuel economy. If you need to haul bulky items, a truck may be for you. Newer models have more seating and door configurations, but they tend to not drive so well as cars, and have poor fuel economy.

Sport-utility vehicles (SUVs), coupes and convertibles are another set of choices that might perk your interest. SUVs can traverse most terrain, and offer large space for both people and luggage. Fuel economy is often poor, and they can be costly to maintain. Convertibles are two-door passenger vehicles with usually a fold-down fabric top, or even a hard top sometimes. They have little to no luggage space, but they have the sporty look that many desire and have good resale value. Coupes are two-door, and sportier-looking than their sedan counterpart. They tend to have a low roofline and large doors. People enjoy coupes because of their superior driving performance.

It all depends on what you desire from your car to decide on the type of car that you want. Do you want value, low maintenance cost, city driving or off roading? Write your pros and cons for each type, and you will have a better idea of what you want your vehicle to provide.

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Join the Prius Family

With gas prices reaching epic highs, people are looking for alternative ways to stretch that gas to the last drop. The fuel economy brags 42mpg to the city, 38mpg hwy and 40mpg combined. The Prius Family of vehicles is doing its part to promote hybrid vehicles in order to conserve our precious black gold, oil. The exterior has a fresh, trapezoidal, aerodynamic design that is still a recognizable Prius design.

The Prius “v” (Versatility) family of Prius is meant for the active family, with plenty of head room and storage space. For added safety, there are 7 airbags. The second row of seats actually slide depending on the family’s needs, and the “v” seats five comfortably. An upgrade from the current Prius is an added moonroof.

Designed with the American family in mind, the Prius family is “…no ordinary family.  It’s a modern family with a Prius for everyone,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager.  “The Prius v is an all-new dedicated hybrid vehicle, and all future Prius family members will be as well.  They will all share common Prius attributes but will be unique, with a special appeal to different buyers.”

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Toyota Philanthropy

Toyota focuses on driving change in diverse communities, supporting initiatives such as the environment, education, and safety. We are proud to say that since 1991, we have donated more than $464 million to deserving programs across the U.S.

Heading our environmental initiative is TogetherGreen, a $25 million, 5 year alliance with Audobon, spearheading our desire to fund environmental research, offer volunteer opportunities and raise leaders in the environment. We also support the efforts of 4-H, World Resources Institute, and U.S. National Parks, among others.

Supporting disadvantaged students is another priority at Toyota, offering a variety of scholarships to support their higher learning. Toyota Tapestry is a grant like none other, where it has given $7 million to teachers across the country, supporting their classroom projects focusing on environmental education, physical science, and literacy.

Safe driving always starts once you turn the key in the ignition. Toyota Driving Expectations is a free program teaching teens to drive safe, and Toyota Teen Driver is the interactive website offering fun facts and quizzes.

Toyota strives to help America move forward with our philanthropic efforts.

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Trouble Under the Hood:Car Noises Translated


Your car talks in different ways. Different sounds mean different things may be wrong with your vehicle. Knowing these sounds helps your mechanic to know what to look for. The only sound you need to hear is the engine! Ask your mechanic what different auto noises mean, but here is a quick list.

A squealing sound may indicate something wrong with the tires, or the breaking mechanism.

A rattling sound could indicate loose nuts or bolts, so bring your car in to a mechanic as soon as you hear it!

A popping sound is also very serious, as it could indicate a leaking valve, or wire problems.

Knowing your vehicle and what to hear for is very important. Research what your car should and shouldn’t sound like, for proper maintenance of your vehicle, and your safety!

At the Yuba City Toyota Service Department, you’ll find a state of the art facility that is fully equipped to handle all phases of maintenance & repair. Our Factory trained technicians have the tools and the experience to maintain, diagnose & repair your Toyota the right way, the first time! To make an appointment, please call us at (800)917-8695.

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The tire needs to match the season

Ok, were not going to lecture you about having bald tires. We know you already get that from other people. We are however going to take the time to talk to you about where you drive and the importance of which tires you should have. No, not all tires are created equal. You have summer tires, all season tires, snow tires, hobby tires and wide variety of others. There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration.

  • What tire can I afford?
  • What tire matches my driving style?
  • What tire matches with the season?
  • How do I want my ride to be?
  • What do I want them to look like on my car?

Next to your breaks, your tires are one of the most important safety features you have. Most dealerships typically offer great deals on tires as well as free inspection of a tires tread, pressure and general condition. Tires typically have a good life span on them and because it’s wear / drive related it is easy to tell when you have an issue. If your driving in the snow you need to have a tire with good bite that will grip the road, if you like to zip around town like speed racer, than you need something made for it. No matter the tire, make sure to keep an eye on the tread (You can put a coin in the tread to check wear) and make sure that you keep them in good shape.

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Our Gold Sox Follow Up !!!!!

The fans were very excited to receive 1,000 Max Stassi bobbleheads(sponsored by Yuba City Scion) that were given away in a short period of time.  Additionally, Scion brought up a bunch of Scion free items such as CD’s, bags, backpacks, lighted necklaces, t-shirts, and hats that were given away too. We parked a Scion XB in center field on the warning track throughout the entire game.  Although a few balls were hit out there, none came in contact with the Scion. 🙂

There was a little more than 1700 fans that got to see a very exciting game that ended with a win for the Gold Sox in the bottom of the 9th inning on a Grand Slam  5-2 !!!!

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"The Acting Company" charity golf tournament

On July 26th we are sponsoring “The Acting Company” charity golf tournament at Peach Tree Golf course.  This event is to help raise money for our local aspiring actors.  Should be a fun event!

Yuba City Toyota –

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Gold Sox Night—Game tickets & Max Strassi Bobble-head Giveaway!

Yuba City Scion will be sponsoring a Gold Sox night in Marysville on July 17th. We will be giving 1,000 Max Stassi bobble-heads out to the first 1,000 people that attend,  so mark your calendars!

Tickets to the game will be given out  at our dealership, while supplies last.  So, stop on by to pick up yours (while supplies last)!

Additionally, we will have a new Scion parked out in center field during the entire game.

See you all there!

NOTE: There was a typo in the amounts of Bobble Heads for our Gold Sox Giveaway. We are giving out 1,000 rather than 3,000 bobble-heads. So sorry for the confusion.

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Toyoya Auto-Biography

Every Toyota has it’s story—what’s yours? Join us on Facebook, click on the Auto-Biography tab and tell us your Toyota Tales; from the day you drove it home, to when you showed it off to your friends and family, to it’s first road trip. We would love to hear your stories.

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