Prius Plug-in named “Urban Green Vehicle of the Year”

When Toyota promotes a new vehicle, especially one based on and considered an upgrade/update from the currently record-setting Toyota Prius, people take note.  And today I’m happy to announce a certain group of people with a lot of pull have done just that.

Decisive Magazine, a publication that gives out the annual Urban Wheel Award and works closely with the North American International Auto Show, recently dubbed the 2012 Prius Plug-in the 2012 Urban Green Car of the Year Award due to it’s 13 miles of gas-free driving, it’s combined 49 (plus) miles per gallon, and of course for once more using the excellent Hybrid Synergy Drive platform to cut emissions… that is when it releases.

Regarding the clear decision to make the Prius Plug-in the Urban Green Car of the YearDecision Magazine editor-in-chief Lyndon Conrad Bell had the following to say:

“This is the Prius everyone has been waiting for.  Endowing the world’s favorite hybrid with the ability to run purely on electric power for significant distances and recharge itself from an AC outlet remade an exceptional urban green car into the ideal urban green car.”  (Source:  Toyota In The News, “Prius Plugs Into The Needs of Urban Drivers With Latest Green Award.”, November 1, 2011.)

As a consumer such as you, the reader, what should this mean?  Two things:  first and most simply, the Toyota Prius Plug-in is poised to be yet another amazing step in the hybrid world the Prius essentially created single handedly.  The second thing is that time is running out if you want to be one of the first owners of these gas-free modern marvels!  If that sounds like you, check out our information web page, fill out Toyota’s Prius Plug-in registration form to put yourself on the list of first round buyers, or simply send us an email and as us what the Prius Plug-in can do for you.


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