The best way to clean your bar b que

The sun is out, the days are longer and when you go in the back yard you can’t help but smell what the neighbors are up to. We wanted to take a moment to give you a few tips for cleaning up the Bar B Que from last years grilling season.

  1. Decide, did she see her last season. Was the fun in the sun from last year, her swan song. They don’t last forever.
  2. Take out the grill and scrape it. When your done, Scrape it for another 10 minutes. This is an important step. There are a few ways you can go from here to get it clean, but getting the chunks of the beer can chicken off are your first step.
  3. Spray it with a hose. Don’t be shy, wet that puppy down. If you have a nozzle handy, do some pressure washing.
  4. This is where a lot of people use a cooking spray or one of the grill cleaners. Were not saying no, were just saying that it’s a grill and not a surgery table.
  5. Replace it into the bar b que, close the lid and put it on full. This will get rid of anything that might be left on the grill that you don’t need.  This should sit about 15 minutes or so. The idea is to get any ruminants from your neighbors shrimp kabob off your grill.

After that it’s easy. Make your favorite dish, enjoy the summer and remember that grilling is not a license for uncontrolled burning, you still need a permit for that.

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