The Toyota Prius

We are happy to have our first blog be on one of our finest automobiles. More than just a super gas saving hybrid, it is a good looking car. Gone forever are the days of box like, under powered hard to fit hybrids, this car looks great and has the power to back it up.  The Prius has become an industry standard for the hybrid. It’s looks, price and great reputation for reliability have out it on the top of many top review list.

The recall was indeed a hard hit to Toyota and the faith that man Americans had put in the company. Toyota is more motivated than ever to build that trust back. After a good long look at itself and what happened it has emerged a better company. We hope that you will stop in and let us know what you think.

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One thought on “The Toyota Prius

  1. After reading this post word for word, my heart a long time can not be quiet, shake ah!

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