The Scion FR-S Available At Yuba City Toyota

Yuba City Toyota is proud to debut  the latest addition to the Scion lineup that is making waves here in California. The 2013 Scion FR-S enjoyed an enthusiastic launch among a crowd of many.

Toyota is known for the Lexus, Toyota and Scion brands, with the latter appealing strongly to the youth market. Scion is known for stylish vehicles that are extremely popular young car buyers. And this is especially true in California, where car shoppers are taking notice of all that Scion has to offer, from an attractive lineup to numerous Scion accessories. Individuality is seemingly the end goal for these youth looking to stand apart from the crowd — and Scion has the right vehicle, allowing them to do just that.

While it is certainly a standout, the FR-S is a slight departure from the Scion lineup. The new Scion FR-S is a sports car in every sense. With a design that encapsulates the truly great features of a sports car, the FR-S is a looker sporting a slightly higher price tag — yet one that is surprisingly affordable after just one glimpse. Before the launch, Yuba City Toyota sales professionals learned that the FR-S stands for front engine rear-wheel drive. All in attendance agreed that the new Scion FR-S looks ready to jump off the starting line at the blink of an eye, and understood that the new Scion sports car is here.

See Yuba City Toyota for further details or a test drive. Own a piece of Scion magic.


1340 Bridge Street

Yuba City, CA 95993

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What’s Your Favorite Car Feature?

You’ve picked the Toyota of your dreams in the color that perfectly matches your personality, but a car is about more than just the color it’s painted…it’s about the features! Toyotas come with efficient, reliable and powerful standards like ten airbags, USB ports with iPod connectivity, power tilt/slide moonroof and more. But those aren’t the only features Toyota cars have to offer, check out these features and decide which one is your favorite.

Display Audio with Navigation
This feature is the best of both worlds. Not only do you get touch screen audio system that helps you control the AM/FM CD player with MP3/WMA playback capability, six speakers and HD radio, but the 6.1 inch display also controls the navigation system so that while you’re lost in your favorite song, you don’t get lost.

Leather Trimmed Heated Front Seats
When the weather outside is cold and frightful what could be better than getting into your car and slipping into a warm and toasty seat? Not only are the seats heated, but they also come with 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with power lumbar support and a 4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat.

Smart Key System
Too tired from a day of shopping to open your door or even start the car? Well Toyota has the feature for you! The Smart Key System is available on front doors and trunk with Push Button Start and remote illuminated entry. You can also have a multi-function in-key remote keyless entry system with lock, two-stage unlock, panic and trunk-release functions.

So stop by Yuba City Toyota or visit our website at and pick your favorite features in your new Toyota!

So, what’s your favorite feature?

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Five Toyota Models Named Consumer Reports’ Top Picks; First Time in Nearly a Decade One Brand Has Dominated

As the competition grows stronger with each passing year, it has been increasingly difficult for a single automaker to dominate Consumer Reports’ annual Top Picks list. This year, Toyota is the first brand to earn half of the top 10 spots in nearly a decade.

The redesigned Toyota Camry Hybrid, and Highlander edged out the competition to become Top Picks in Consumer Reports’ Family Sedan and Family SUV categories respectively. The Camry Hybrid delivers a surprising 38 mpg overall fuel economy—the best in class and as good as some smaller and less versatile hybrids.

The two new Toyota additions join the incumbent Prius, RAV4, and Sienna as the best in their individual categories to secure the brand a starring role in this year’s list.

Consumer Reports’ 2012 Top Picks report, Automakers Report Cards and other key findings from the Annual Auto Issue were announced at a press conference today before the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA) in Washington, D.C. For more details and videos of the Top Picks, go to

“Every year the competition grows tighter; in recent years as many as nine different brands have taken the top spots. Combined with the improved Camry, Toyota’s ability to maintain a competitive lead among hybrids and SUVs is a big factor in its strong presence on this year’s list,” said Rik Paul, Consumer Reports’ automotive editor.

The last time a single brand held such a grip on Consumer Reports’ Top Picks was Honda in 2003. Historically a strong performing brand, this year there are no Honda models on the list for the second time in three years.

Consumer Reports’ Top Picks are the best all-around models in their categories, chosen from more than 275 vehicles the organization has recently tested.  Top Pick models must meet CR’s stringent criteria in three areas: road test, reliability, and safety.  They must rank at or near the top of their category on overall road test scores; they must have earned an average or better predicted-reliability Rating based on problems Consumer Reports subscribers reported on 1.3 million vehicles in the latest survey; and they must perform well if included in crash or rollover tests by the government or the insurance industry.

The Hyundai Sonata and Subaru Impreza also make their Consumer Reports’ Top Picks debuts.  The Sonata was named Top Pick Affordable Family Sedan, while the recently tested Subaru Impreza narrowly edged out the Hyundai Elantra as Top Pick Small Car.  The all-wheel drive Impreza gets high marks for being a well-rounded sedan with nimble handling and a compliant roomy interior, and absorbent ride that rivals some luxury sedans.

The Toyota Prius was named CR’s Top Pick Green Car for the 11th time and the ninth consecutive year—both records claimed by no other model in the history of Consumer Reports’ Top Picks. The Prius, including the recently tested Prius V wagon version, continues to set the standard for its blend of fuel efficiency, practicality, and affordability. The 44 overall mpg CR measured for the hatchback is still the highest of any five-passenger, non-plug-in vehicle CR has tested and the 41 mpg for the new Prius V wagon easily tops its class.

Three returning models round out the list: the Chevrolet Avalanche, Ford Mustang, and Infiniti G. The iconic Ford Mustang earns CR’s Top Pick in the Sporty Car category. The 5.0-liter V8 in the GT coupe provides scorching acceleration, a great exhaust sound, and good fuel economy for its class. The Infiniti G returns as Top Pick Sports Sedan with its inviting blend of luxury and driving fun. And in the Pickup Truck category, the Chevrolet Avalanche provides the best combination of utility and versatility of any pickup CR has tested.

The Top 10 Picks By Category:

FAMILY SEDAN: Toyota Camry Hybrid ($29,052). In addition to its impressive 38 mpg overall fuel economy, other high points include a comfortable ride; a roomy, quiet, cabin; fairly quick acceleration; and for 2012, a nicer interior and somewhat crisper handling (although the Camry is still no sports sedan).

SPORTY CAR: Ford Mustang ($28,880 to $43,880).  The heart of this iconic sports car has always been its strong acceleration and rumbling V8 power.  But now there’s more to the Mustang than power. Agile handling, a decent ride, comfortable front seats, and very good fit and finish make the current version an inviting package.  The Mustang delivers good fuel economy (22-24 mpg) for its class.

SMALL SUV: Toyota RAV4 ($24,405 to $30,328).  With a four-cylinder engine, the RAV4 delivers some of the best gas mileage in its class (23 mpg). The spirited V6 version accelerates as quickly as many sports sedans and gets only 1 mpg less than the four-cylinder model.

AFFORDABLE FAMILY SEDAN: Hyundai Sonata ($21,800).  CR chose the four-cylinder Sonata as a more affordable alternative to the Camry Hybrid. The Sonata provides a roomy, well-equipped cabin, supple ride, nimble handling, and thrifty 27 mpg overall, for just a little bit more money than many small sedans.

FAMILY HAULER: Toyota Sienna V6 ($35,810).  The Sienna fits the bill nicely for families looking for a comfortable, roomy interior, plenty of features, and the ability to carry up to eight people. Among its high points are lively performance, decent fuel economy (20 mpg), and a comfortable ride, although the handling is rather lackluster. It’s the only minivan that has at least average reliability.

SPORTS SEDAN: Infiniti G ($34,225 to $37,225).  The G37’s agile handling, blistering acceleration, and comfortable, well-crafted interior make it one of CR’s highest-scoring sedans. The G is on this list for the sixth straight year.  The less expensive but equally inviting G25 isn’t as quick, but gets 24 mpg overall, 3 more than the G37.

GREEN CAR: Toyota Prius ($26,750 to $28,217). The Prius sets the standard for fuel efficiency, practicality, and affordability with its overall 44 mpg. Its roomy interior, comfortable ride, and hatchback versatility make it easy to live with. The 41 mpg of the new Prius V wagon easily tops its class.

SMALL CAR: Subaru Impreza ($21,345).  Redesigned for 2012, the all-wheel-drive Impreza is a well-rounded roomy sedan with nimble handling and a compliant, absorbent ride that rivals some luxury sedans.  Fuel economy of 27 mpg overall is impressive for an AWD car.

PICKUP TRUCK: Chevrolet Avalanche ($47,435).  The Avalanche provides the best combination of utility and versatility of any pickup CR has tested. Its unified bed and cab help give it a steady, comfortable ride, and the cabin is quiet.  Its overall mpg is 14.

FAMILY SUV: Toyota Highlander ($38,578 to $47,255).  The refined, comfortable, and quiet Highlander has consistently ranked near the top of its class in CR’s road-test scores and has had above-average reliability. The V6 version delivers a decent 18 mpg overall, and the hybrid model tops all SUVs at 27.

Complete details on Consumer Reports’ Top Picks for 2012, Automaker Report Cards, Best and Worst list and other key findings are available in the April issue of Consumer Reports on newsstands March 6th or visit

Consumer Reports‘ testing procedures are the most comprehensive of any U.S. publication or Web site. More than 50 individual tests are performed on every vehicle, including evaluations of braking, handling, comfort, convenience, safety, and fuel economy. Roughly 6,000 miles of general driving and evaluations are racked up on each test car during the testing process. CR buys all its test cars anonymously from dealers. Other reviewers base their evaluations on press cars that are hand-picked by the automakers.

Consumer Reports is the world’s largest independent product-testing organization. Using its more than 50 labs, auto test center, and survey research center, the nonprofit rates thousands of products and services annually. Founded in 1936, Consumer Reports has over 8 million subscribers to its magazine, website and other publications. Its advocacy division, Consumers Union, works for health reform, food and product safety, financial reform, and other consumer issues in Washington, D.C., the states, and in the marketplace.

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Prius C.. What to Expect.

Toyota just presented the latest member of the expanding Prius family, the Prius c, along with the NS4 advanced plug-in hybrid concept car. With the Prius c, Toyota has effectively flanked its segment defining, and hybrid sales leading, Prius liftback with the larger Prius v wagon and now a more compact and affordable model. Shortly, these variants will be joined by a Prius liftback in plug-in form.

The Prius c will square off against the Honda Insight, offering an attainable entry point into the realm of high efficiency. It measures 19 inches shorter than the regular Prius, riding on a six-inch shorter wheelbase, marking the c as significantly smaller. Correspondingly, the Prius c uses a Hybrid Synergy Drive system with a smaller-displacement engine.  Where the Prius employs a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, the Prius c will use a 1.5-liter unit. Toyota claims its fuel economy will be better than 50 mpg in the city, pointing out that it will best any non-plug-in vehicle on the market. For comparison, the Prius is rated at 51 mpg city, 48 mpg highway. That pegs the Prius c at 52 mpg or greater. (And note that Prius owners routinely claim to experience even better fuel economy in the real world.)

Beyond being a fuel miser, the Prius c promises to have a “sportier dynamic character,” something that should add to its youthful appeal. Banking on reaching tech-savvy drivers, Toyota is stuffing the small five-door model with electronic features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, steering-wheel audio controls, and Entune infotainment system. Entune enables the car to receive data from a smart phone and connect with specific apps, such as Open Table, Bing, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. The system will also provide music streaming, voice recognition, and email text-to-speech capabilities.

The success-bound green machine goes on sale this spring.


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Want to save some cash? Love Twitter? Then read this!

If you’re planning to buy or lease a new Toyota before January 3, 2012, listen up, because Toyota is offering you the chance to nab up to $1,000 through its annual “Shareathon” promotion.

Shareathon is part of Toyota’s year-end sales event, better known as Toyotathon. Here’s how the promo works:

1. Find the Toyota you want to purchase or lease. The Shareathon deal is no good unless you actually drive off the lot in a new car.

2. Sign up for Twitter. That’s the social networking site that Toyota uses for the Shareathon, so you’ll need a Twitter account to cash in on the deal.

3. Visit and register for one of 140 Shareathon certificates that Toyota makes available each day. They go fast, so if you miss the mark, you’ll have to try the following day. Toyota releases a new batch every day at 11:00am ET, through December 21.

4. Send out Toyota’s pre-written tweet from the Shareathon website: “If I get my new Toyota during Toyotathon they’ll give me $500 just for this Tweet. @Toyota #shareathon.”

5. Get your followers on Twitter to re-tweet that message as often as possible over the next 48 hours.

6. Buy or lease your new Toyota by January 3.

7. Submit the code from your Shareathon certificate to Toyota, along with the VIN of your new vehicle by January 31, 2012.

Toyota promises to reward everyone who follows those seven steps. At a minimum, Shareathon participants will get a $500 debit card, with an additional $50 tacked on for each retweet (see item #5). For complete rules and conditions, you’re welcome to slog through the legalese.

In the end, Toyota’s Shareathon is really just a cash-back promotion — one that gets shoppers to do a little marketing on Toyota’s behalf by spreading the automaker’s name across social networks. Still, there’s something to be said for wrapping game elements into a promo. And it must be working, since this is the Shareathon’s second time out of the gate.

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It’s no secret that the Toyota FT-86 finally made its production-spec debut next week at the Tokyo Motor Show, and ahead of that, the automaker’s UK office has released the first official photos and some initial specs. In Europe, the car will officially be called the Toyota GT 86. In Japan, however, the car will simply be called 86. We will have to wait to see with the US version will be called. We’re thinking the FT-86!

Cutting right to the chase, here are the specs that are now official, from the Toyota  announcement. Obviously, there’s more to come:
2.0-liter boxer with D4-S injection (direct and port injected)
197 hp @ 7,000 rpm and 151 lb-ft (205 Nm) @6,600 rpm
6-speed manual or automatic transmissions
17-inch wheel/tire package standard
4,240mm (167 in.) long, 1285mm (50.6 in.) high, 2,570mm (101 in.) wide
53:47 front-to-rear weight distribution
475mm (18.7 in.) center of gravity

As demonstrated in the photo, everything is basically in line with what we’ve seen so far in the various leaked materials. So, start getting excited. In addition to the sharp styling outside, the interior looks the business, and the “86″ fender logo is just plain cool. The GT 86 goes on sale in the UK next June.

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Prius Plug-in named “Urban Green Vehicle of the Year”

When Toyota promotes a new vehicle, especially one based on and considered an upgrade/update from the currently record-setting Toyota Prius, people take note.  And today I’m happy to announce a certain group of people with a lot of pull have done just that.

Decisive Magazine, a publication that gives out the annual Urban Wheel Award and works closely with the North American International Auto Show, recently dubbed the 2012 Prius Plug-in the 2012 Urban Green Car of the Year Award due to it’s 13 miles of gas-free driving, it’s combined 49 (plus) miles per gallon, and of course for once more using the excellent Hybrid Synergy Drive platform to cut emissions… that is when it releases.

Regarding the clear decision to make the Prius Plug-in the Urban Green Car of the YearDecision Magazine editor-in-chief Lyndon Conrad Bell had the following to say:

“This is the Prius everyone has been waiting for.  Endowing the world’s favorite hybrid with the ability to run purely on electric power for significant distances and recharge itself from an AC outlet remade an exceptional urban green car into the ideal urban green car.”  (Source:  Toyota In The News, “Prius Plugs Into The Needs of Urban Drivers With Latest Green Award.”, November 1, 2011.)

As a consumer such as you, the reader, what should this mean?  Two things:  first and most simply, the Toyota Prius Plug-in is poised to be yet another amazing step in the hybrid world the Prius essentially created single handedly.  The second thing is that time is running out if you want to be one of the first owners of these gas-free modern marvels!  If that sounds like you, check out our information web page, fill out Toyota’s Prius Plug-in registration form to put yourself on the list of first round buyers, or simply send us an email and as us what the Prius Plug-in can do for you.


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How much time and money does your city’s traffic cost you?
It may feel like you spend half your life in traffic jams, but that’s just a delusion. According to this very spiffy – and highly depressing – infographic from Carbuzz, even Chicagoans are spending less than two percent of their waking existence staring at someone’s muffler.

There. Don’t you feel better now?

Even though it’s only two percent of their time, these delays cost drivers over $1,700 a year, so it’s easy to see why Chicago and D.C. have already invested in public transportation, and it certainly looks as if it would be easy to justify more of everything that isn’t a car.

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Toyota design chief: future vehicles will have “passion” and “emotion”.

Most consumers associate Toyota vehicles with reliability and efficiency, but innovative, 
evocative styling isn’t really considered the company’s strong suite. However, new global 
design chief Dezi Nagaya wants to put the company’s long-held tradition of conservatism on 
the back burner in favor of a more aggressive, passion-inspiring approach.

“Toyota has been criticized for being quiet and nonoffensive, of having too friendly an image 
while lacking emotion,” Nagaya said during an interview.

“We are going to be more dynamic, more masculine, sportier, with a more obvious design theme 
and a face to represent the company and the brand,” he said. “We have eliminated emotion. We need 
to pump that up.”

But the 50-year-old Toyota veteran, who is one of the creators of the Lexus “L-Finesse” design 
language, needs to walk a fine line with future vehicle designs. He said that Toyota needs to take 
a more emotional approach to styling, but at the same time a deep-rooted conservative component of 
the company’s leadership must be appeased.

Nagaya is also assuming the difficult task of creating a unified corporate design language while 
avoiding the “small, medium and large sausage” phenomenon seen in some German automotive lineups 
where cars look much the same save for size. He hinted that sharing a certain number of styling cues 
throughout the lineup could visually link vehicles while giving ample leeway for unique elements 
specific to each vehicle.

Finally, future Toyota vehicles will be designed on a sliding scale of emotion and rationality. Even 
the Camry could begin to move in the direction of heightened emotion, albeit ever so slightly.

“The Camry has a wide selection range with customers who don’t want something too aggressive,” Nagaya 
said. “But it has the responsibility of being the highlight of the lineup.”
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Toyota Owners Online

We want you to have a fun and enjoyable driving experience! That means learning about your Toyota from the inside out, and knowing safe and efficient driving practices. At Toyota Owners online, there is a wealth of information regarding the upkeep of your Toyota, including service, parts, and How-To videos. On the Community page, read the stories of other Toyota owners to see how Toyota measures up!

There are a wealth of manuals to read, once you log in. Toyota wants car maintenance to be a breeze, and to have the most knowledgeable customers. The more knowledgeable a customer is, the more they’ll make the right choice with the right Toyota! Sign up for Toyota Owners online, with the wealth of knowledge at your fingertips! Click here

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